once in a blue moon
someone sees you
as you have never been seen before

Cairn Findley


deep within the folds of mother
pink flesh expands


a narrow place
channels life
in spite of the pain


bud opens
parting the red sea

Cairn Findley
Photo by Elizabeth Opalenik

Cairn hopes her website is a place where beauty and the truth of life can be felt through her poems and photography.

Cairn’s been writing poetry for 20 years exploring how to write about nature and what it means to be human. She has taught poetry to elementary through college age students.

Cairn has enjoyed photography since the age of 15 when her father gifted her a camera. Her photographs inspire her to write poems.

Cairn is working on her first collection of poetry

Ripened lemon, plucked, sliced open, I taste, a sweet shudder of ecstasy.